1 . School counselling
The school plays an important role in enhancing educational competence as well promoting psycho-social development of children and adolescents. Children are constantly growing and changing physically, psychologically, and socially in their interaction with the world. In this process many children express behaviors that are not acceptable as it is troublesome for others and/or child appears to be under stress. This is often manifested in the form of various Behavioral & emotional symptoms. If such symptoms persist for excessive period of time may interfere with normal development so it needs to be taken seriously.
Habit disorders –thumb sucking, nail biting, other purposeless movement disorders
Emotional & Mood Disorders – Anxiety, Seperation Anxiety Disorders, School Refusal, school phobia, and performance anxiety.Phobia, Obsessive compulsive disorders, Temper tantrums, breath-holding spasms-Depression in Childhood & Adolescent Age.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( A.D.H.D.)
Disruptive disorders- a) Opposition defiant disorders b) Conduct Disorders –disobedience, stealing, lying.
Speech and Language disorders - Delayed speech, wrong pronunciation, stammering..
Eating disorders- over eating, refusal to eat, food fads (making fuss about type of food). .
Somatoform Disorders – somatic symptoms due to underlying psychological causes, Hysteria..
Sleep Disorders – insomnia, night mares, night terrors, and sleep walking. .
Problems of scholastic performance..
Learning Disabilities - DYSLEXIA – Reading, writing, spelling & mathematic difficulties..
Elimination disorders – bed wetting, fecal soiling..
Substance Use Disorder – alcohol, opium, caffeine etc..
Developmental Disorders – Mental Retardation – Require special Educational and vocational counseling. .
Pervasive Developmental Disorders – autism, organic brain disorders, disintegrative disorders. .
Children in stress, and under special circumstances – – Adoption, custodial care, foster parenting etc..
2 . Adolescent counselling
Adolescence refers to long transitional developmental period between childhood & adulthood. It is a fascinating period, which involves maturational process of physical, sexual, psychological, & social transformation towards mature adult life. It is a period of development of identity, choice for educational & career options, which often causes stress and turmoil in adolescents. Many of them require education, guidance, & some severely disturbed may require professional help too. Pharmacotherapy is also administered judiciously, as and when necessary.
3 . Marriage and family counselling
Family Marriage Counselling offers marriage counseling services by experienced counsellors. You can seek counselling If you want to discuss your thoughts, feelings and issues in your lives. People seek counselling for their self development, to increase their confidence and an understanding of themselves. For some people counselling is a useful tool when they feel unable to cope. Relationship counselors are willing to listen to your relationship problems.
4 . Guidance and career counselling
Make the selection of your career under the guidance of ideal career counsellors. Get your career related queries solved by the qualified professional and expert career counsellors in India who advises after thoroughly assessing the intelligence, interest and personality of individuals.
5 . Substance abuse counselling
If someone you love is battling drug or alcohol addiction then find them help now by getting them into an alcohol rehab program or get them the drug rehab treatment they need and deserve.